We’ve suddenly found ourselves in the middle of October here at Black Finger Farm with cooler weather predicted in the coming weeks! The cooler weather will be beneficial for the plants and the farmers, alleviating the struggles of farming chores in the upper 90s. 

Every week we will be introducing more vegetables and patience is hard to maintain, as the farm is looking more plentiful by the day. We are so thankful for our loyal customers who show up to support us and purchase veggies for the week. You guys know who you are and you totally rule! This seasons markets are off to a great start!

This past week we also kicked off of our CSA for the 2017 season. Every weekend for the next 32 weeks we’ll be waking up at 6:00am to harvest, wash, and pack up the fridge with Black Finger Farm veggies and open up the farm (Sundays 8am-3pm), head to markets, and post up around Tampa to deliver to our members. Our CSA folks totally rule and we feel so good about this “Black Finger Farm Family” we are creating.

We’re fortunate to have partnered with the incredibly cool and mindful people at Squeeze Juice Works Tampa(Mondays 4pm-7pm) who are letting us use their location for a pick-up point for our members. Not only are they allowing us to post up in their shop for four hours with CSA boxes, but many of their customers are supporting us by buying produce when they pick up a juice! How cool is that?

This weekend at the farm will be busy. In addition to CSA pick-ups, we will be replanting in the field (which we just tilled and prepped), set up our drip irrigation, and begin the task of planting lots of radish, cauliflowers, lettuce, spinach, and pok choy. The days will inevitably be long and warm, but we’re looking forward to getting these babes out of the greenhouse and into the ground!

We love feeding our community and we equally love nourishing our bodies with the fruits of our labor. Food just tastes better when your labor of love has gone into the dirt that makes it grow! With that being said, I hope you all get to enjoy the next few days to relax and share a good meal surrounded be people you’re happy to be with. Cheers from Black Finger Farm.