Sometimes, no matter how organized, we can find ourselves in a whirlwind of farm chores and pounds of harvesting left to go by the end of a week! Thursdays and Fridays are without a doubt always busy getting ready for market and CSA pick-up. 

So here we are, coming at you Monday with this weeks "Friday @ the Farm." We welcomed our first cucumber this week and the tomatoes redden one-by-one almost daily. I'd say about another two weeks until the green is dotted with bright, red cherry toms! 

We continued to spread compost, seed, transplant babes from the greenhouse to the field. New rows of lettuce, rainbow chard, brussel sprouts, and carrots are underway. Joe is a farmer at heart... Honestly, he’d easily be out on the property 24 hours a day surviving on green juice and beer alone if no one stopped him. If I didn't cook and we didn't share meals together, I’m positive this guy would never eat. Or if he did, it would be grabbing food to-go and eating in the fields while still working... We did fortunately find some time to make a quick lunch on the grill featuring sautéed mustard greens.

Nonetheless, now it seems we've made it through the hottest days, and we can look back at this summer and be completely proud of our work thus far and the farm we stand on now. 

Cheers from Black Finger Farm