The days are quickly growing shorter here at Black Finger Farm and the sunrise is earlier and it seems to be getting dark before dinner time! Thanks to all you rad folks who came out the the market to support us this weekend! We are working hard to bring you more variety each week. 

Farm News: We celebrated our tomatoes being chosen for the James Beard Foundation Gala: A Night of Winners. Jamison B. Breadhouse (who bakes a lot of the bread loaves you see around the Bay) used our cherry tomatoes for a fantastic roasted tomato loaf. 


With Thanksgiving on the forecast, its hard to believe its still this HOT! Even so, we've been graced with some light showers and overcast skies. The plants are thirsty and the newly germinated seeds need a lot of attention in this heat. With that being said, things are cranking out in the fields (including the necessity for extra weeding!) and the farm is  beginning to flow with bounty. 

The farm is producing more than we’ve had all season. Cucumbers and tomatoes are making their seasonal debut and we’re swimming in a sea of peppers, squash and radish. 

We hope this week brings good company and a few home cooked meals, a bottle of wine, and laughs among friends. 

Cheers from Black Finger Farm!