The weather is beginning to cool and this time of year we are in full speed ahead, looking forward to the bounty of veggies springing up from the ground and taking a moment to be thankful for where we are now. 

Those moments were spotted with visitors from friends and family this week. Joe's niece and nephew came out to help us with farm chores and our good friend Bekah joined us for a walk and some photos in the field.

The truth is, the workload is never complete this time of the year and calling it quits is a battle. There’s always more weeds to pick, more tomatoes to stake and string,  and more veggies that need watering. It seems as if we are harvesting cucumbers and zucchini every day so they don't turn into monster vegetables! Fridays are our biggest harvest day of the week as we prepare for the farmers market and all of our CSA drop offs for the week. 

Black Finger Farm has the capacity to feed hundreds of people in the not so distant future and I still can’t believe we do it with our own two hands! It’s both extremely rewarding and exhausting at the same time. On Friday nights, we savor these moments by enjoying our meal and reflecting on the day’s work.

We hope you and yours savor this Thanksgiving with good food made from all the flavors of this season and lots of laughs with those you love. 

Cheers from Black Finger Farm! 

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