This week was bustling; full of family gatherings, comfort food, lots of bed turnovers, and a new market! The cooler temperatures have sent the farm into a craze; beds are being harvested, turned over and replanted nearly every week and we gathered our biggest harvest to date this week. Perfect timing because we just added the Fodder & Shine Meat & Veg Pop-up Market, started by our very own Travis Malloy from Trail Bale Farms! The Market is every Tuesday from 6-8 pm. Check out the page and come out to support local business and local farmers!

We've been trading lots of produce at the market for some cuts of local meat. It’s a great trade and we’re excited to continue exploring our new cookbook Six Seasons: A New Way With Vegetables by Joshua McFadden! Take a peak at our recipe post for Week 7 for more inspiration from Joshua's book.  Our dinner table this time of year fills up in the evenings with delicious, small feasts. We may be adjusting to adding a new market and more work than ever, but I’ll be damned if we don’t eat amazing food to help get us through.

Our Thanksgiving meal featured green beans, cucumber, squash, and salad from the farm and a local turkey from Trail Bale Farm. We even smoked a ham from one of our pigs last year. We've never felt more appreciation for what we do than this week. The nigth was full of conversations and good laughs, we hope yours was too!

We hope wherever this post finds you that you are enjoying some seasonal produce and are able to kick back and relax a bit this weekend. If the sun is shining maybe fire up the grill, crack open a few colds ones and enjoy a meal with friends!

Cheers from Black Finger Farm!