FRIDAYS (but Tuesday) @ THE FARM


This week, we’ve been enjoying getting back in the swing of the farmers markets and it’s been great catching up with customers that we haven’t seen since last season. You know you have an awesome community when folks give you high fives after buying their favorite greens, sprouts, and mushrooms after waiting patiently all summer!

We’ve had some high moments followed by a few low moments this week.This weekend we felt the support and we sold out by Sunday! Challenge accepted to bring you even more local, organic produce...

In the fields we focused on pruning tomatoes, re-planting rows of lettuce greens brussel sprouts, and red cabbage, and we've come accustomed to long stares at the broccoli and ripening tomatoes (we think they'll grow faster). We harvested our first turnips and the beans aren't far behind. Unfortunately, the chicken coop was compromised (damn it!) A single raccoon has been picking off the birds and this means our egg production will be delayed until further notice. 

I hope wherever this week finds you that you all get to relax a bit and spend time with people you're stoked to be around. Hopefully a few tasty beverages and meals are on the menu too!

Cheers from Black Finger Farm!

Joe & Kristin