We’ve officially made it to the halfway mark of our 2017 farm season. This year so far has definitely had its fair share of ups and downs and we are feeling the physicality of the long and laborious days (we even snuck in a nap at the end of the rows to soak up some of the warm sun on Sunday). Nonetheless, we've spent the last week re-focusing on our self-care, a good diet, and lately lots of warm liquids (including home made Chanterelle soup reduced with beer!) to keep us going in these 40 degree mornings... 

You know you're from Florida when you fire up the charcoal grill just to provide a moment of respite for your numb and frozen fingers (even though its not even snowing!)

We’re extremely proud of what we’ve produced but we’re always striving to get better and more efficient with our operation. As we transition into the month of December, we’re filled with a lot of anticipation and hope for what our late season and early spring crops will produce. We’re definitely at the point in the season where rest is essential to keep going for these long days and a complete crop devastation might actually kill us (we’re feeling vulnerable!) Even so, now is the time we dig deep...there’s still a long road ahead and it’s always to early to give up now! 

We hope that this week you make the time to gather around the table, eat nourishing food, and so your self some love with laughter and rest! 

Cheers from Flack Finger Farm. 

Joe & Kristin