Every season will have its fair share of ups and downs. When we started Black Finger Farm, we started small, with a modest CSA, a few wholesale accounts, and our farmers market booth wasn’t nearly as big or diverse as it is today, in fact for a long time we just sold sprouts. We’ve grown our farm slowly but efficiently, and even more important thoughtfully. We never wanted to take on more than we could handle because we knew that would affect the quality of our product. 

Now as we look to the 2018 year, we are overjoyed to announce that our small "seed" that was planted in our small farm is blossoming next Fall. Joe and I, along with Travis Malloy will be starting Meacham Urban Farm. In addition to Black Finger Farm, we will now be developing a 2 acre lot near downtown Tampa. Ground will be cleared in January, and planting will begin in August with a first harvest in mid September. The plan entails 93 in-ground permanent beds between four plots and two greenhouses.

The long-term vision for Meacham Urban Farm is that it becomes a hub in the Tampa Bay agriculture and food community. With it, we envision chefs and community members finding farms and farmers finding engaged buyers, a growing trend in metro areas around the country.

If you'd like to read more about the upcoming project, check out the link to TBT's article here! Riley will be following up with articles as we progress after our meeting with the city on the 4th. 

Click image to read the full article.

Click image to read the full article.


All the growth, the joys, the hardships in farming are rewarded by the support of those around us. This reflection is a ode to YOU, the ones that are bringing farming and local food back to the forefront of the community, but even more so for you and your families. 

With that, we wish you a very Happy New Year, and we'll see you next week for CSA pick-up and markets. 

Cheers from Black Finger Farm. 

Joe & Kristin